Formwork and Scaffolding Systems

Peliflex Adjustable Telescopic Props

Peliflex Adjustable Telescopic Props

- It is used as a conveyor under the floor. -It can be easily appliedin all types of floors with different geometries. – It can be adjusted to operate at different elevations. - Depending on the existing floor load, Propset Adjustable Props can be rarefied or intensified. Thus the optimal solution is obtained. –In comparision with conventional formwork system, it is possible to do formwork with less labor and in a shorter time.In comparision with conventional formwork, it provides a much more economical solution in the long run.

Adjustable Prop SYSTEM

Peliflex Adjustable Propis used as a conveyor under the floor. It is a system that can be easily installed and dismantled. It can be adapted to operate at different heights. There isn’t any placement restriction with regard to plan. With other systems it can also be used as a supplement in a comfortable way. The main element of the system isprops. The system is completed with supplementary elements such as Tripod, U Heading, Two-Way Heading. Through adjustable prop system, formwork can be done for hollow-tile floor slab or a thin floor with multi-beams. in a practical way. It is a flexible solution for different flooring types and different geometries. Since carrying capacity of props is 30 kN compared to conventional formwork system,flooring formwork can be done with less number of props and more quickly and with less labor. Reuse number of system elements is about 20 times higher than that of conventional formwork system. With the number of use, low labor costs, and less material, Adjustable Prop System is much more economical comparing to conventional formwork system. Prop elements are manufactured from standard TSE certified pipes including subjected to mechanical tests. A series of hole are made to the inner pipes of prop elements at 12 cm intervals with automatic drilling machines. In this way, coarse adjustment is easily made during installation. The mechanism portion, in which fine adjustment is made, is 3 mm thick. The nut is sfero molding and CE certified. Bae plate is manufactured from 5mm steel in order to increase the strength of settlement on the floor under load. External pipes are manufactured from 60x2.5 pipes and inner pipes are manufactured from 48x3mm pipes. Two-Way Headings are mounted to the props at the beginning and end of places where wooden beams intersect the main conveyor and where H20 must pass. It includes a slot so that a single H20 can fit in one direction and a double H20 can fit in the other direction.

U Heading Main Conveyorare mounted to the props supporting H20 wooden beams from spacings. Under the load of the floor, it provides prop to grasp the beam in a stabile way. Beam Heading is a heading type used to support short beam and idle main conveyor. Tripod is used to provide ease of installation, and it provides the prop to stand.