Formwork and Scaffolding Systems

Pelicup Coplock Scaffolding

Pelicup Coplock Scaffolding

 - Thanks to its lock and load transfer features at cup-lock scaffolding connection points, it is an ideal system for formwork board scaffolding. - High load-carrying capacity,quick installation and dismantling and that it can be used for any project are important reaons to prefer this system.



It is manufactured from ST37 steel pipes subjected to mechanical testing and including the standard TSE certificate.

Since all materials are automatically manufactured in the same standards, any problem doesn’t occur at the stage of installation for the application. Thus, installation can be realized in a shorter time and labor can be saved.

Vertical element carrying capacity can be increased up to 6 tons.

Cuplock Scaffolding System has been used safely even at the height of 100 meters.

Vertical element’s moment of inertia is 11.60cm4;

Momentum of strength is 4.80 cm3; Buckling radius is 1.60 cm;

Vertical Element is manufactured from 048x3mm pipes; and Horizontal Element is manufactured from 0 48 x 2.5 mm pipes.

Circular welding is done with automated robots.

Weldings are are full weldings, not point.

Welding thickness is 25%thicker than the standard weldings. 1 mm welding wire is used.

Supervisor service is provided.

The same materials shall be adapted by our project department according to your other projects.